Cheating 101: Fake Doctor Excuses

You have toiled hard throughout the year, and now you deserve a day off. If you are thinking of that, then you may need a fake doctor’s note to get a day off from work. Fake doctor excuses can get you a day off without needing to be sick.

Where can you use the fake doctor’s note?

If you need a day off from a job, school or college then you can use the fake doctor excuse. You may need a day off for hundreds of reasons like as follows:


fake doctor notee1)   You are sick but do not want to see a doctor.

2)   You are sick, but you did not get an appointment of a doctor.

3)   You want to attend a family party or dinner.

4)   You need to spend some free time.

5)   You want to go to movies with friends or family.

6)   You need some refreshment.

There can be numbers of reasons for a day off, but you can’t tell those excuses to your boss or your professor and therefore you need a fake doctor’s excuse.

How to get a fake doctors note?

1)  On the Internet: you can get a fake doctors note from the internet either for free or some amount of money. The paid fake doctor’s notes are of higher quality, and the risk of being caught is less. This is also easy to use and you can download fake doctor’s notes that best suits you. There are many sellers online that you can choose from. Just be sure to select the most trusted one by reading their feedback.

2)   Homemade: you can create your fake doctor excuses at home. You will need some stationery like official letterhead, signature of the doctor, accommodation and information to create your own homemade fake doctors note.

But most importantly, never get satisfied with free printable doctor excuses. It’s either you work hard to make your own doctor’s note or you purchase one. It’s 2016 and everything has it’s price. Settling for a free one just might cause more troubles. Go to as a pattern on how to make a doctor’s excuse.

How these notes work?

There are several types of templates available on the internet for creating the fake doctors note. You can pick up your template and can fill the necessary information like your name, address, phone number, etc.

doctors excuse templates
Utilizing docs’ note templates are efficient

What are the risks associated with the fake doctors notes?

There are several risks associated with the fake doctor’s notes. If you are a student, then you may not get severe punishment but employees can. If you are using the real name of the doctor, you may catch in the case of forgery and you may get serious punishment. If your letter is caught, you may need to pay the fine charged by law and order or you may be sent to jail. Student’s must also be aware about the proper way to use a doc note for school because they might be expelled or receive a failing grade. For a More believable doctor’s note visit

How to use the fake doctor’s note?

If you are planning to use the fake doctor’s note, then you should play carefully. You should create an atmosphere that you are sick. You should start pretending to be sick a day before you take leave. Start coughing and let others know that you are not feeling well. When you come back to work after leave, don’t make people doubt you. Don’t behave like you are completely fine. Instead, you should tell them that you are still not well, but you did not want to miss the work and therefore you come to the office. When you are at leave, don’t show up at social media sites and fun places.

For a guided procedure on how to use these notes properly, you can visit and learn all the information you need to know about it. I have read all their articles and I must say they’re all valuable.