Can I See A Doctor Without Medical Insurance?

It is always better to go visit a doctor in your sickness rather than nibbling a few OTC drugs one after the other. Such drugs may not always help you cure your illness of the root rather it will just treat the symptoms making the illness recur again and again. If you have a medical insurance then the insurance will cover all the expense and you will not need to worry about the bills. But it is not mandatory that everyone should have a health insurance.

What if anyone doesn’t have medical insurance? Can he or she still see a doctor?


This is the case with many of us. We do not have health insurance, but it does not mean that we should not go visit medical insurancea doctor. If you don’t have health insurance, you can still see a doctor and can get the best treatment. Health insurance card is not like an entry card to the hospital or clinic. The only difference is that without insurance you have to pay the doctor’s fees from your pocket. You can pay through cash, or you can use a credit card. Health care does not depend on your health insurance.

What should you be doing when you don’t have health insurance? Finding a doctor without health insurance can be tricky and troublesome but you can still find a doctor. You can ask your friends and family member about the best doctors and hospitals. You can get the best price hospitals and clinics by enquiring. You can also search at the internet about the best price hospitals and clinics.

If you are looking for an affordable health care then, you should go for the independent hospitals. Independent hospitals charge less than the corporate-owned clinics. Independent clinics are more flexible about charges and fees. Similarly, newer hospitals charge more than the older clinics.

1)   Get the most from your visit

The best way to conserve money on your visit to a doctor is to get the most out of your visit to a doctor. Don’t hesitate to share all the information about your medical condition. Provide the doctor all the information available to you so that you don’t need to visit the doctor again. Ask him about the disease and prescription at once and if possibly try to arrange a payment plan if you need to see the doctor again.

2)   Free clinics

If you are not able to pay doctor’s fees then the only way to get medical help is to go to the free clinics. You can get free medication in the government hospitals but then you may need to wait in the long queue. Not only you can get free medical checkup but you can also get free medicines there.

You can get medical care even without health insurance provided you are ready to do some research and to wait in the queue. If you can afford a doctor’s fee, then you can also go to the expensive clinics where you can get a medical aid without waiting in the queue and without asking for discounts. But then you have to pay the whole amount from your pocket.