Do Herbal Remedies Do Any Good when you’re Sick?

Herbal remedies are very popular even in the era of science where apparently everything seems to be regulated by science. Herbal remedies are nothing but the use of herbs to cure certain disease. Initially, people accepted these remedies to cure cold, cough and fever which is usually not too serious. But today herbal medicines have expanded their diameter and knew they are also used to treat diseases like kidney stone and cancer, etc. which can be very critical if not treated on time.

Herbal medicines are beneficial, but you should ask your doctor first before taking plucking any leaves from your garden and start consuming it. Not everything is good for all.herbal remedies when you are sick


Herbal remedies are not for all. It works beautifully on some people and gives best results, but some people are so unfortunate that these herbal medicines do not work at them at all, or the effect is very low.

Like any other type of medicine herbal remedies also have some advantages and some disadvantages.

Advantages of herbal medicine

1)   Natural

All the herbal medicines are hundred percent natural, and there is no chemical in it. Even the medications which are made commercially are natural. They dry the leaves, stems, roots and flowers of the herbs and pack them in the packets. Some of the herbal medicines contain the extract of the plant that is again natural.

Since herbal medicines are natural, they do not have any side effect. They do not cause any ill effects to your body. Some of the herbal medicines do not contain some chemicals but these chemicals are added to increase the effect and are not harmful.

2)   No side effects

Herbal medicines do not cause side effects. However, this statement is correct for some people but not for all. Sometimes herbal medicines also cause side effects like ulcers. But herbal medicines do not contain something that can affect your metabolism or other organ, therefore they are safe to use. Even the side effects are not for longer time. Once you get used to the medicines the side effects will disappear.

3)   Low cost

Since herbal medicines contain only herbs which are easy to cultivate in large amounts and they do not need much processing, they are cheaper than the other medicines. Even you can get the herbal remedies for free. You can plant some medicinal plants in your garden like tulsi, neem, eucalyptus, etc. and can take advantage of their medicinal benefits for free.

4)   Prolonged effect

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Herbal medicines cause prolonged effect. Once you are free from a certain disease then it will not appear very soon. Herbal medicines eradicate the disease from its root while with other medicines only suppress the symptoms and do not intend to destroy the cause of the disease.

Disadvantages of herbal medicines

1)   Their effects take time to appear. Herbal remedies take longer time to give results and therefore it cannot be used to treat certain diseases where you need instant relief.

2)   Some herbal remedies are not safe to use.

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