The Law Now Requires That You Get Paid Pregnancy Leave

For a long time, our government, law and order has been discriminating the women in many different ways. For a long time, there was no perfect law that will give complete security and protection to pregnant women’s job. The employer had the every right to fire the pregnant women from the job if he didn’t want pregnant women to work for him. Even the women could not comeback at work after delivery if she wants to because there is no guarantee of her job. But now the things have changed, the law has changed. Today, there are several federal as well as the state laws to protect the job of the pregnant lady.

What do you mean by maternity leave or pregnancy leave?

Maternity leave is also called family leave or parental leave. At this time, mother takes off from a job for the birth of the child. This is the time when you can take temporary leave from your job. Different countries have different norms for maternity leave of pregnancy leave.

What are the laws for maternity leave?

We know that the law has been made to secure the job of pregnant ladies but still there are people who are much interested in discriminating between men and women. They are still practicing acts against the law. Your job will be in danger if you do not know the law made for maternity leave.

There are two relevant laws to protect the job of pregnant women. They are as follows:

1)   The Pregnancy Discrimination Act

This law was passed in the year 1978, and it protects the right of pregnant ladies. According to this law,

  1. a)   You cannot be fired by your employer because you are fired.
  2. b)   You cannot be forced to take a pregnancy leave.
  3. c)   You should also be given the same benefits such as disability, health and sickness leave benefits which are given to the other employees.
  4. d)   You should be given alternate assignments, leave without pay; disability leave and modified tasks.
  5. e)   You should not be forced to leave the work until you are unable to do it.
  6. f)   You should be given security of your job when you are at maternity leave.
  7. g)   You must be eligible for the benefits, and the pay increases even at the leave.

This law was made to protect your position from the employers who treat their employees differently.

2)   The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

This law was passed in the year 1993. This law is applicable to those companies who have more than 50 employees in the area of 75-mile radius. If you are an employee of the company for more than one year and you have worked at least 25 hours per week then, you can take leave of 12 weeks. This leave is unpaid, and it protects your job. You can take the leave at the same time, or you can break the leave into two parts: before and after baby’s birth.

Both the laws are meant to protect your job during pregnancy and to give you a fair chance to show what you are. But now the law requires that the pregnant ladies get paid pregnancy leave so that they can efficiently manage their household expenses and their medical bills. Due to the unpaid leaves they have to come back early at position that affect their health. The law should be changed now to get them paid pregnancy leave.

This is a great news for women who accidentally got pregnant while working. If they are not paid for the days of their absences due to conception, they will most likely hate their situation and feel that the babies they’re carrying are not as good as a blessing to them. So, a female worker should use doctor notes for pregnant women when they feel it’s necessary to do so. Creat a fake note to get out of work with the help of

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